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The Only One (Poem)

This is a poem i wrote for the first real crush i had in High School..i gave it to her for her birthday, and asked her to go out with me...unfortunately she refused, and then i wrote "Lost From Love" which i will put up another time. Enjoy...

The Only One

As i sit and stare away
Into the empty sky above
My heart leaps from a thought unknown
For the only one

My heart was once as hard as ice
Cold from chills of winter's bite
Frozen with fear for embracing love
To which I have never held

I hide away from those I see
Avoiding Cupid's Arrows
But seeing you distracted me
And Cupid hit his mark

To you alone my heart will go
Or in the shadows die alone
You fill every crevace in my mind
And you make my soul complete

I felt reborn, renewed, refreshed
A second chance to live and love
Though I cannot tell you how I feel
I am too cowardly to show my affection

Your dark hair flows
Like a stream of obsidian
Your eyes drag me into a trap unseen
Your beauty is beyond speakable words

Your voice is the definition
Of your true being
Soft as a bell, gentle as a deer
It fills my mind as you sing that beautiful song of speach

But none of this you hear from me
For I have not said a word aloud untill now
I have fallen for you
But my mind will not allow these words to come unto you

For still now do I hide in the shadows
Writting what I cannot say
Wanting to show you the true me
But afraid of what it could mean

I have known you for only a year
My life has turned over since that day
From the very first time that I saw you
It seems like a lifetime has passed

Your name is what they call you
But a name cannot express true beauty
Still it calls from the mountains
As an early spring breeze

I feel as though you are an angel
Sent to this world to guide me
You are the one, the only one for me
I have devoted my life to you

Devoting my soul to my belief
My belief is to be with you
Never wanting to leave your side
I am intimidated by your grace

Ever lasting beauty cannot define you
Longing to be there for you
Living in a shadow, watching your face
Eventually I wish to share all this with you

I have devoted my mind, my heart, my soul
To your beauty and grace
Your excellent intellect
And the embrace of the music we share

This piece is for you, my dear
And to you alone
For you are the one, the only one
To whom this poem is worthy of

One last thing to finish
Before i close this note
One last thing I must say
Is your name...

Written by Tommie Smith (AKA Zionia) on 10/15/03

The End of the World (Poem)

Came the breeze
Of long ago
That whispers of
Something unknown
Spreading whisper
Of a myth
That something here
Is amiss
It told the trees
To hide their leaves
And told the seas
To lie deep below
For time had turned
And once again
The evil Thaine
Walked earth once more
The skys turned black
And Mountains fell
Turned to ash
Where the plains
And then the wind
Died down at last
The skys cleared up
And life returned
But so much was lost
And not much was there
The mountains grew
And birds then flew
Plains then died
And humans cried
As everything around them
Came crashing down
The death of men
Brought him again
And what was lost
Was then again found
The world was lost
And then came the worst
Nothing escaped
From the end
The world destroyed
Without a chance
For any to survive
The world was gone
Forever from space
And none still live
To tell of its fate
Now it moves
To a new target
It is spreading all over
It's out of control
There is no hope
In the end of the world...

~Tommie J. Smith (Zionia) on 12/4/2005

WolfRP ish Serious Buisness

Apparently it is...to some more than others by far. Peoples Butts are tender enough as it is with everything going on, and I really hope everyone can get over it all. Im tired of seeing people going nuts over a little comment on LJ or FB...Thats what LJ was for last i checked...blogging whatever you want. If you dont want to hear what people have to say, dont read it. This is a place to let your emotions out in vent form without having to worry about what people think if you dont want to. SO, lets keep it all clean and get over our butthurt and try to at least get along.

AS to my leaving SS, it was my own decision, the main factors of it being 1: the pack was no longer the pack i originally joined. 2: The pack wasnt going anywhere yet and I was getting impatient with seeing nothing being done. and 3: I just didnt like the whole aura that surrounded the pack. It was bothering me, and many people noticed that I became a bit less active the last week or so because of it. Im not going to go into any detail about it here because what needed to be said has been dealt with and doesnt need to be shared. If you want to find me, I am now in #WhisperHollows and #WolfRP when i am on. Id be happy to talk with all of my friends still, but I wont sit in #Sacred_OOC where my being there may cause more butthurt unless I am invited to visit.

No hard feelings to anyone with everything that has gone down. I hope to still be able to be friends with you all. Take care and Happy Hunting. May all your WolfRP Endeavors be joyful. *huggles all teh Waffles*

Its been a while...

so...ive been on LJ for a little while now....a couple years or so...but have never really used this place...well it looks like i will start using it more regularly now, so keep your eyes opened for what is to come!

Leaving Christ

this poem has a little to do with religion, so if you have a thing very strongly, do not read as you may find offensive. There is nothing truely offensive in this, but the material is a touchy topic. You have been warned.

Excript from pages 11 through 12

...So I said, to the Lord above;

"Let me be free,
To gaze unto Her wounderous creations;
To weep into Her springs;
To lose myself in her beautiful world;
As myself, free of the shackles of mankind.
Ther I may find Her waiting for me;
Waiting for me to return to her side once more.
Then joy will rain down on the Earth,
And all will be as it should,
With balance restored to the ways of natures intent.
And mankind will once again be in the harmony;
The harmony between all things, living and dead."

And then I turned away from Him;
His cold eyes watching me go.
He knows that I was no longer His,
But He regretted letting me go.
So once more He tried in vain,
To keep me on his faith.
And I told him, in a somber tone:

"Do not ask me of this again.
For nothing you can give
Is worth that price that is so dear to me.
There is only one to whom I can give my soul,
And that is to myself.
For I wish to let my soul live free,
To choose for itself.
But now I must devote myself
To the one who created
All that I see before me."

And with that I left,
Begining my quest to find Her;
The one that sings trees to life;
The one who whispers for streams to flow;
The one who I must find,
To at last release my soul...

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